This is an archive of Tactical Studios work (2012 – 2017)

What's Happening in Hungary?


Tactical Tech worked with three think tanks to find different and compelling ways to present their data:


An animated infographic summarising the scale and nature of anti-Semitic attitudes in Hungary to stimulate debate about the problem.

Political Capital conducted an internet survey, completed by 1,000 respondents, to assess levels of racism, anti-semitism and belief in conspiracy theories amongst the Hungarian public. The findings show the scale and nature of anti-Semitism in the country, and the resulting articles they wrote explore some of the reasons it is on the rise. Political Capital wanted to add value to the research, draw attention to the issue and encourage debate about the problem domestically and abroad.

A short animated infographic was created, tying together the different parts of their research with research done by other think tanks and broader contextual information to create a narrative outlining the scale of the problem and why it's on the rise. Finding the rights storyline, context and format was difficult for this particular project as the subject matter is fairly sensitive and hard to depict in a visual way. The final message is a provocative call to action, encouraging the Hungarian public think about what is happening in the country and how anti-Semitism is isolating the Jewish community and to stand up to it.