This is an archive of Tactical Studios work (2012 – 2017)

Who we are


We are the creative agency of Tactical Tech, an international NGO which has been working at the cutting edge of rights advocacy and creative information use since 2003. As an international team with expertise in data visualisation, design, film, data security and management and advocacy, we help campaigners use information more effectively to communicate, raise awareness and push for social change. Our team members have many years experience in providing resources, trainings and partnerships with NGOs working in different contexts and issues. Tactical Studios leverages this experience to provide focused support to groups and NGOs working to bring about change. 





How we work 

Partnering with Tactical Studios, you'll find a team of innovative people who can not only work with you to refine and develop your ideas, but who have the knowledge and experience of working on human rights, environmental and social justice advocacy in the Global South. We select from the Tactical Tech team, and draw from our extensive network of designers, animators, filmmakers, information specialists and technologists, to create a team best suited to improving the understanding of complex issues.


Together with you, we develop your project in an initial facilitated workshop, working from first ideas through to a clear concept.

Depending on the complexity of the project, this inception workshop will: 

  • FIND the best story-lines in your information or data to support your campaign messages, discover your target audiences within the landscape and define best outcomes 
  • INSPIRE you with effective, creative techniques and formats 
  • HELP you decide on a visual language and the best way to visualise your information whether as an infographic, an interactive website or a film - in both online and print formats 
  • EXPLORE visual, aesthetic, cultural and political concerns 
  • ALLOW us to plan together the process of creative development and implementation by defining roles and responsibilities and agreeing a methodology.  

After the workshop we usually develop a formal proposal presenting options - which can then be developed into a creative brief.



"I don't know of any other organisation that has this combination of technical expertise and understanding of human rights issues necessary to produce targeted and effective work.   Tactical Tech is forward looking and is able to offer the skill and knowledge that campaigners like myself just don't have thereby ensuring that our message has maximum impact."

Joanna Ewart James, Anti-Slavery International


"Your commitment to the issues and the desire for change was as strong as ours and was in large part driving your motivation for engagement…we were all very impressed by your knowledge of the issues which is why we considered you partners rather than service providers.   I also recognise your support and engagement beyond the narrow scope of the brief and the flexibility of the team and their support in helping us reach deadlines. "

Frank Smith, Head of Global Campaigns, World Vision