This is an archive of Tactical Studios work (2012 – 2017)

Voices of Discontent

Tactical Tech worked with three think tanks to find different and compelling ways to present their data:


An interactive website with 250 quotations from supporters of radical political parties across Europe explaining why they support that movement.

Understanding the motivations of radical party supporters. As part of their research on populism, Demos conducted a Facebook poll on supporters of extreme political parties. They wanted to better understand who held extreme political views and why, in particular to inform mainstream politics. The findings from this survey were published in a 2011 Demos report, except for one question which was open-ended: “why did you join this movement?” The result of this research was over 12,000 qualitative responses, from one line quotations to short essays, in nine languages, across a total of nine European countries. This data offers a new and rich perspective into the ideologies and psyches of an entire community of extremists in Europe, however it was not immediately obvious to Demos how to use and share it. The extent of this data and the fact that it is qualitative makes it difficult and unwieldy to communicate in a report or traditional infographic.