This is an archive of Tactical Studios work (2012 – 2017)

Visual identity for Tactical Tech Info-activism Camp 2013

A visual identity for the 2013 Info-activism Camp, which was used on all associated materials including website, t-shirts, canvas bags, notebooks, paper, water bottles and badges. The Camp brought together 135 leading practitioners in advocacy, data, design and digital security for a week, to share experience, knowledge and skills around evidence-based advocacy. Participants came from 45 countries. The camp followed four thematic tracks for working with evidence: Curation, Documentation, Intervention and Investigation, with digital security and privacy topics woven through each. There was a high degree of interactivity, sharing and peer-learning, and 98 % of participants said afterwards that they were planning to collaborate in the future. At least 15 new collaborations have already emerged from this event.