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Tactical Studios: The creative studio working to explore the impact of technology on society

Who we are

Tactical Studios creates interventions that increase critical thinking about the impact of technology on society. We work with the private sector to build the capacity of designers, makers and developers of technology to make more informed decisions about the impact of their products and services and to develop creative interventions that raise broader awareness about how technologies change the way we live.

What we do

Workshops & training

Storytelling & curating

Research & writing

Capacity building & advice

Our Story

Tactical Studios was established by the two co-founders of Tactical Tech in 2012. It started as a creative studio working with non-profits to create more engaging information campaigns. Led by Lucinda Linehan, the studio worked with some of the worlds leading NGOs, including Action Aid, Comic Relief, Publish What you Pay, Slavery International, Transparency International, World Vision and the United Nations. The learning from this work was published in collaboration with Tactical Tech in the guide: Visualising Information for Advocacy. In 2018, Tactical Studios reopened its doors with fresh ideas and a new direction, bringing the same storytelling, capacity building and training skills to the challenges faced by technology designers, influencers and decision makers themselves in reflecting on the impact of their tools on the way we live.

Tactical Studios was co-founded and is led by Stephanie Hankey and Marek Tuszynski; designers, technologists, writers, trainers and curators with over 20 years experience working on the social impact of technology.